my name is Sam Edwards, I have a BA in film and I love to write interesting pieces about the film industry. I watch films from a range of genres. As the great Roger Ebert said, movies are like a machine that generates empathy, such wise words from a wise man.

As a film critic, I’am always on the hunt for films that provoke an emotional response, whether it’s excitement, drama, chaos, or happiness. Films are meant to be an extended form of visual language. I think about how well the director brings his or her vision to the screen. That’s how I write my reviews. Some of my favorite films include Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Interstellar, as well as Ridley Scott’s magnificent Black Hawk Down.

I have been able to share my love for film for the website BacktotheMovies for promotional content as well as independent pieces. My website is tailored toward my love for film where I express all of my wonderful tastes and flavors of my favorite films from hard-knuckled action to ice-cold romance, yes I had to give Leo and Kate a mention.

In addition to having been humbly quoted on The Critic’s main star Stella Velon’s website for my review of the film, I believe the film industry is my passion and where I thrive, I hope to share this positively with all readers, thank you.

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